2018 VISA Talent Show 1st Place

2018, Mar 31    

This past weekend, my performance group won 1st place at a campus-wide talent show!!! It was our 1st time placing in top 3 and 2nd year participating.

The theme of this year’s show was Happiness is…. It was very broad, but we wanted to tell a story. It was perfect. We were so focused on the show that we forgot to set up a camera to record it. Here’s a decent recording from my sister’s iPhone.

  1. Skit (Up Soundtrack – “Married Life”)
  2. Codeko ft. RAPHAELLA – “Walking With Lions”
    • choreography by Sabrina Chen
  3. Vicetone – “Hope”
    • choreography by Momin Haider
  4. EXO-M – “MAMA”
    • choreography by Victor Lin
  5. CMA – “You’re Not Alone”
    • choreography by Victor Lin
Life Cycle Screenshot for March 2018

Amount of time spent practicing for the show. This doesn't include time spent planning and choreographing.

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